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          The domestic test Center, is an indispensable part in the assurance of the the  production ‘s design and quality. The test center ,according to customer or design requirements using ISO standards, national standards, Japanese standards, corporate standards and other different standards, "objective, fair, accurate and timely," as the quality policy,can test the performance of the machine fuel filter, air cleaner, hydraulic filters, transmission filter products and materials and also can meet the requirements of different  customers and companies.


          Test Center
          Partial test equipment display
          Material performance test room
          The test and verification for the filter paper, steel, rubber parts and other raw materials.

          Collecting oil samples, after the machine and fuel filter life and efficiency having been tested,and then analysis the product cleanliness, water separation efficiency, drying and drying treatment, ultrasonic vibration, do the digital microscopic observation and other analysis.
          Material performance test room Engine, fuel filter performance test room Air filter test room
          Test equipment display
          Low temperature start test rig high and low temperature change test box Salt mist test rig Performance testing of hydraulic and high pressure products