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          In a diverse and complex market environment,WAFTEC group continue to promote high-tech development.


          With its high technology and experience accumulated over the years, the WAFTEC group aims to develop cutting-edge products and develop a wide range of high-end quality products suitable for the future with its rich creativity.


          Ibaraki technology center location
          Cutting-edge R&D, The flagship of WAFTEC technology
          Automatic test rig for oil filter

          Tsukuba Technical Center was opened in July 2006 as R&D base that underpins WAFTEC brand.

          By concentrating skilled engineers and equipment to this place, R&D has been optimized.

          R&D activities toward the future will be promoted here in this center, flagship of WAFTEC technology, responding to the various needs of society of disperse and complex.

          Oil filter test room
          Multipath test bed Analysis room Development and Design Department
          Eliminate the virus, protect human beings, promote product research and development.

          Over this years ,through filter technology , WAFTEC ,with the filtration and separation technology as the center, has promoted the development and research of the biological field.

          The research field include the supply of raw materials such as pharmaceuticals and health products, as well as engineering and technical fields using filter technology.WAFTEC also promotes the efficient production of bio-related products.

          Business partner:Protec Co., Ltd. Which is developing an oral solution that is allergic to cedar pollen.

          Laboratory operation
          Biological laboratory
          Cryogenic research room Vertical high speed circular centrifuge Special filter test
          WAFTEC Exhibition room

          Showroom in Tsukuba Technical Center introduces WAFTEC's activities, policies and key products along with history of WAFTEC from its foundation in 1952 to today.

          The visitors can recognize our history and background of filter development in every field.

          ※Generally do not receive outsiders visit

          WAFTEC Historical wall Oil pressure filter Exhibition Center Conceptual product display
          Automotive filter display center Resource Center