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          World-class quality is trustworthy

          On behalf of the Chinese automobile highest standard manufacturers,providing pure components for the OEM.Product technical in microns as a unit offers a perfect control performance.The best quality has a good reputation of China , Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States.The production with high-quality products, high efficiency, low-cost possess of the Chinese market,and also make a great contribution to the environment and the community .
          Oil Filter
          A variety of compact one spin-on oil filters and environmentally friendly oil filter module,high filtration precision, long life, low pressure loss and high oil temperature resistance, low temperature cold start,making the filter suitable for a new generation of TGDI engines and high compression ratio engines.
          Fuel Filter
          High-precision, high strength, fast cartridge fuel filter,making the filter suitable for a new generation of direct injection and dual injection engine fuel injection system.
          Air Filter
          Efficient filtration, low resistance, lightweight and environmentally friendly materials,Providing adequate clean air for the engine,and also meet the vehicle NVH performance requirements.
          Air conditioner filter
          Composite filter and bio-enzyme technology can filter the fine particles,harmful gases and germs,providing a healthy driving space.
          A/T Filter
          The high-precision pressure filtration using ultra fine glass fiber ,plasticized oil filter,metal plastic modular suction filter,variable height folding oil filter are suitable for all kinds of DCT/AT/CVT and hybrid automatic transmission, and also can ensure cleanliness and reliable operation.