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          World-class quality is trustworthy

          High temperature and pressure of the hydraulic operating environment,product reliability and accuracy in microns ,raising impurities such as metals, carbon, solid ions, water, etc. from the the machine, all the above features support the machine's efficiency and longevity and ensure the effective operation of the engine and hydraulic system.
          Oil Filter
          All specifications of the filter replaceable oil filter are suitable for light, medium and heavy duty diesel engine.The modular design,full flow filter+bypass filter,and high-performance filter materials can effectively filter oil impurities, to ensure oil cleanliness,and also meet the diesel lubrication system requirements for high flow, high strength, long life and harsh working conditions.
          Fuel Filter
          All specifications systematic fuel filtration system composed of fuel oil water separator,fuel pre-filter and fuel filter,using coalescing oil and water separation filter and high-precision filter materials, can separate the water in the fuel and and filter fuel particulate impurities effectively, The fuel filter also has fuel heating, water level alarm and other functions,which is suitable for filter requirements of the new generation high pressure CRS and domestic high water content fuel.
          Air Filter
          All series of flexible products can meet different customer loading requirements.
          Oil absorption filter
          Various specifications of the fuel tank built-in and external suction filter and adopting special stainless steel wire braid as filter material make the machine can effectively capture the impurities in the hydraulic oil to protect the hydraulic pump.High strength filter materials can stand the impact of high-flow hydraulic oil,and also can be repeatedly cleaned, with a long service life.
          Prepressure filter
          Low flow resistance, high precision, long life, resistance to oil and gas corrosion.
          Oil recovery filter
          A variety of fuel tank built-in and external return filters ,with high-precision, high-strength filter and excellent structural design,can effectively filter impurities in hydraulic oil and prevent the wear of hydraulic valve of hydraulic pump.The filter are able to withstand the impact of construction machinery hydraulic oil flow and also ensure that the hydraulic components can work in a variety of adverse conditions.
          HST Filter
          High-strength integrated structure design and high-precision filter, both withstanding high pressure HST impact, also effectively filtering impurities in oil can ensure the reliable operation of HST system.