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          1. use of the web site
          The content of the Peace website (hereinafter referred to as' this station ') is only for your personal but not commercial use.For the copyright and other claims contained in the content, you should respect it and retain it in its copy.If there is no right to declare the website content, it doesn't mean that the website does not enjoy its rights, nor does it mean that the website does not advocate the right. You should respect the legitimate rights and interests of the content and make lawful use according to the principle of honesty and credit.You may not modify, reproduce, publicize, publicize or distribute these materials in any way, or use them in any other open or commercial purpose.It is prohibited to use these materials for any purpose in any other web site or other flat media or network computer environment.The contents and editors of this station are protected by copyright law and other laws. Any unauthorized use may constitute infringement of copyright, trademark and other legal rights.If you don't accept or violate the above agreement, you will automatically terminate the authorization with this site, and you should destroy any content that has been downloaded or printed at the same time.

          2. information release
          The information of this station is provided in its original form, without any form of guarantee, including merchantability, specific purpose or non infringement of intellectual property rights.In addition, Peace does not guarantee the absolute accuracy and absolute integrity of the station information.The contents of the Peace website, or the products, prices and configurations introduced in these contents, will be changed at any time without notice.The contents of this station may have expired, and Peace does not promise to update them.The information released by this station may be a product, program, or service that you can't get locally, and you can consult your local Peace business contacts and agents.

          3. general principles
          Peace may amend these terms at any time. You should often visit this page to understand the current terms, because these terms are closely related to you. Some of the provisions of these articles may also be replaced by legal notices or clauses specified in some pages of this station.

          4. the law of the People's Republic of China is applicable to the disputes arising from this bulletin or the use of this website.