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          Company profile

          Henan Peace Filter Co.,Ltd
          484 East Road,Chemical Industry Development Zone,Xinxiang City, Henan Province
          Registered capital:7,650,000 US dollars
          Total investment:19 million US dollars
          Japan  Wako Filter Technology Co., Ltd. (WAFTEC)  86.67%
          Japan OKAYA & CO., LTD13.33%
          Business Scope
          Product and sale the filters for cars, mini cars, motorcycles and other filters and filter-related tooling, mold, and we also  provide after-sales service.
          Land scale•Building
          Business Office: 500㎡
          Technology Center: 1500㎡
          The A Factory:Land  15984㎡  Building:11000㎡
          The B &C Factory:Land    11988㎡  Building:8000㎡
          Related Company
          Wako Filter Technology Co.,Ltd.
          Wako Filter (Changzhou) Co.,Ltd.
          Shanghai Wako Filter Trading Co.,Ltd.
          Japan J.Filter Co.,LTD
          Thailand Wako Filter(Thailand)Co.,LTD
          Business Philosophy
          Focus on quality and  innovative technology, achieves a better future
          Management System
          Quality Assurance System : IATF16949:2016
          Environmental Management System:ISO14001:2015
          Occupational Health and Safety Management System : ISO45001:2018

          Development history

          1998: Establishment of  Henan Peace Filter Co.,Ltd

          2000:Start of business and start of supply to the market

          2005:Company equity change, set up Henan Peace Filter Co.,Ltd

          2008:The Establishment of the second factory of Henan Peace Filter Co.,Ltd

          2013:The Board of Directors strengthen modernization management system

          May,2016:MergeXinxiang Peace Seiki Co., Ltd

          2018:Change of company equity